Save $1,000 for a year in your bank account, and you’ll end up with $0.10 of interest at the end of the year.  If you put the same $1,000 in a high-yield savings account, you could earn about $5 after a year.

Placing your money with Investscure will secure you 5% of interest per year and at no risk.

No penny of your placed money can be lost or can be placed into the trade market of gaming. Investscure offers the opportunity to make your money work for you and at risk-free. Investscure maximizes your profits. More your money stay with us, more you capitalize the interests reinvesting your profit for more greater profit.


Investscure diversifys its portfolio by developing agricultural, commercial, industrial, transport and engineering activities in developing countries. You can join us through financial placement  to increase your profits by taking advantage of the 3% up to 5% of annual interest rate that we are offering to businesses for every dollar placed. Business fundings cannot be done directly to this investscure platform. Please contact Investscure to discuss the enrollment of your business for the funding on Investscure platform.

Financial institution

Economic conditions in developing countries are positively growing exponentially. While local business are facing are struggling to access funding and loans to meet their goals, Investscure is there to support their efforts, providing alternative fundings or opportunities to collaborate to develop local capacities in different sectors.

Investscure has found its way by developing an investment approach that allows to reduce risk while taking advantage of the dynamism of these developing economies. By joining us, we will expand your financial investment market while guaranteeing any penny placed.

Investscure actual rate for financial institution is 3% and the lead time for reimbursement for any funding is at least 5 years. The funding agreement with financial institution is signed to define the level of funding and the length of time for reimbursement as well as any special agreement that both Investscure and the financial institution will deem necessary to include into the contract. Please, contact Investscure financial institutions to discuss any functions opportunities at